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True innovation comes from recognising an unmet need and designing a creative way to fill it. Steve Jobs

Never underestimate the power of human connection.

Hi I’m Liv from Liv by design and I believe the most successful organisations all have one thing in common. They go to great lengths and invest time in understanding their customers. I can help you do exactly that!

I talk to your customers uncover their needs. I then help you and your team harness your creativity via a series of fully facilitated professionally structured workshops. You’d be amazed at how passionate your team will become and the results they can deliver.

Create new ideas for better, more sustainable business results.

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I talk to your customers and your team to identify the best opportunities for growth.


Ignite your teams creative flair through facilitated workshops that will align their prioritise with serving the most urgent needs of your customers.

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Develop strategic plans and collate ideas that deliver growth via your product, experience or service designs.

I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary. -Elon Musk

So do we Elon!

Get breakthrough results by tapping into the true needs of your customers.

I believe we are all creative in our own way. Whether you’re in HR, finance, sales and marketing or customer service. I can help you harness the creativity of your entire team to deliver organisational growth.

And here’s the fun bit….. your team will turn up to work with more pep in their step. They’ll experience better unity and cohesion to work together and implement change. How?

I use proven methods and facilitated structures to help your team work better and solve problems together. They’ll embrace ambiguity and dive head first into challenges they know they can face together. I use human centred design and design thinking methodologies.

The most innovative companies are built using these methods. I hate to name drop but here’s a few…. Apple, Toyota, 3M, General Electric, IBM, Intuit, Lego, Phillips, Dyson, Google, Airbnb, Microsoft, Amazon.

Each of these companies has a story on how design thinking and building a customer-centric culture helped them deliver transformational innovation and disrupt industries.

Let me help you truly connect with customers so you can reinvent your future.

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