Uncovering User Needs

What comes first the chicken or the tech? When we say the chicken we mean the research, of course the answer is the research.


The Department of Health had one key challenge. The tech had several different stakeholders with different needs. They needed a CRM to effectively manage funding trails, report deadlines and renewals but their funding applicants also needed a more tech savvy way to apply for grants and funding.  


Our Solution

This may sound very dry and clear cut but
let’s think about how a medical researcher’s time is best spent?


1. Is conducting specialised research to uncover medical breakthroughs and progress, which impacts community health and wellbeing.  

2. Is getting tied up spending too much time in the administrative process of applying for grants to ensure there is no disruption to their research.  


The Department of Health recognised the importance of managing their data and streamlining the process but, required support in order to ensure they were meeting critical requirements versus ‘nice-to-have’ requirements.

Our in-depth research and discovery unlocked all major requirements allowing them to have absolute clarity when sourcing the correct requirements from various tech solutions.

Department of Health

Department of Health

WA Health is Western Australia’s public health system. With a State spanning over 2.5 million square kilometres, it is the largest area in the world covered by a single health authority.

Department of Health Website: https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/