Reimagining the Customer Experience

In the disability sector the importance of providing a positive and supportive experience to customers is essential. Customers can often be going through trauma, grief and loss whilst at the same time trying to access urgently needed services. The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has catalysed a fundamental shift in disability services. Providers are facing more pressure to transform than ever before as customers switch behaviours increase at rapid rates as soon as the NDIS was introduced. Ability WA have always recognised the importance of their customers. However, there was no central focus across the organisation capturing all the possible scenarios and various customer journeys.

Our Solution

As part of this project in-depth interviews of each division were conducted and documented.  

From here we needed to gain clarity on the key opportunities for customers and what needed to be prioritised internally as a matter of urgency versus longer term goals that may require more planning, time and investment.  

Customer segments were clarified and one central journey map was delivered to key executives, managers and the board. 


The key to improving the customer experience is building the team’s customer focus into everything they do. This is the only way to create sustainable improvements and processes. Improving customer experience is a game of continuous progress and focus but it pays dividends over time.  

Organisations that focus on improving customer experience can achieve up to an 80% increase in revenue.  

73% of customers agree that customer experience helps to drive their buying decision. 

All service providers are increasingly recognising the need to be customer-centric and in disability, this is even more essential in order to create real choice and control for people with disability and their families. 

Ability WA

Ability WA

Ability WA is a not-for-profit disability service provider that has been supporting Western Australian families for 70 years.

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