Product to Market Fit

Imagine you’re part of a fun fast working powerhouse team of software gurus and developers. There are detailed plans for bigger and better features for users every few weeks. They do this in batches called a release. As users, we know them as updates like on our phones. Hours of work go into the planning and prioritizing of features. Then letting them loose. Everyone watches and waits for sales to go up! Feedback comes in, and users are loving the changes, BUT subscription uptakes are small. User results and subscriptions were flatlining. The tireless efforts and hard work of releasing new features weren’t paying off in spikes in buying behaviour.


The objective of this project was to identify what farmers needed in order to pay for a subscription. Decipher was born within the Industrials Division of Wesfarmers. Decipher’s precision agriculture solution (DecipherAg) was deployed to over 6,500 in over 60 countries delivering award-winning cloud solutions that help manage the earth’s resources to be more sustainable and profitable. Since then, Decipher has gone on to expand it’s product offering in adjacent markets using the same award-winning technology as the foundation for it’s offering.

Our Solution

You’re not supposed to have favourites but the interviews we conducted with farmers for Decipher was definitely top of our list


Liv By Design implemented the Clarity Analysis Blueprint. A 3 stage process: 

– Define the problem 

– Research and discovery phase 

– Creative delivery and implementation  


These insights were crossed with existing date Decipher already had: 

– User behaviour data

– Previous market research completed at the inception of the company  


The insights we delivered to the team were phenomenal. It gave the entire organisation enough certainty to consider the current business model and start examining more profitable markets.


What resulted from this project was some key learning that allowed Decipher to pivot its offering into a more sustainable business model and market. Decipher’s market now resounds in the resources sector. 


– Are you operating in the right market?  

– Do you understand your buyers?  

– Could you be missing out on sales by simply tweaking your offering?



DecipherAg and DecipherAg Mobile provide a seamless georeferencing soil and plant sampling process that allows you to easily plan and assign sampling jobs, collect samples, submit to CSBP Lab and manage your results.

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