Coping with Organisational Change

Coping with change largely comes down to having the correct mindset. Think about change for a moment…. And how relentless it is these days? Even before COVID-19 the disability sector as a whole has undergone and immense period of change and uncertainty.  


Organisations that understand the upheaval continuous change can have on their teams often act proactively.  

At Ability Centre they recognised a clear need for their teams to be able to deal with uncertainty and continuous change in the marketplace and customer needs.

Our Solution

We proactively pulled together a Creative Series of 8 Workshops embedding a growth mindset across a huge percentage of the team.  


After adopting a growth mindset individually team members actively sought to share this amongst the wider team and make this positive notion a part of the way they operate culturally within the business. 

Ability Centre

Ability Centre

For more than 70 years, Ability WA has been assisting families and individuals with cerebral palsy, autism, and other physical and intellectual disabilities, empowering them to realise their potential and thrive. 

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