A New Type of User Research

Software organisations are now recognising the importance of providing a seamless user experience.  

Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400% yet only 55% of companies currently conduct any UX testing. Many rely on NPS scores and data usage stats to keep their finger on the pulse of user satisfaction.  

The problem with this? Surveys and usage provide only point-in-time data. It doesn’t account for user frustrations, it can’t tell you how the user’s needs are changing or if you’re likely to lose your current client base.  

Ensure Flow is a Job Management software that drives productivity for Insurance Builders. Traditionally Ensure Flow was designed for larger-scale Insurance Builders to manage their projects from onsite assessments, live quotes, and job management flows.  

The team at Ensure Flow has such a unique offering that their product is attracting new user types. The team recognised that this new group has different needs so testing mere features weren’t going to provide enough data to help provide the clarity they needed to evolve their product.

Our Solution

We adapted Liv By Design’s Clarity Analysis Blueprint and at the completion of the Creative Insights Workshops the team had clarity on immediate opportunities and possibilities for their product. It help realign their current projects and areas of focus and they had 100% clarity on what would help them acquire new users.  


Every $1 invested in UX results in a return between $2 and $100. Yet many teams enter the research phase with their own bias on the improvements and work they have already invested into the product.  

Therefore, using an external party for research is a powerful move. Liv By Design’s unbiased research provides insights that can provide instant clarity for faster results or uncover the need to pivot into new markets or segments. 


Ensure Flow

Ensure Flow

EnsureFlow is a powerful Job Management software that reduces claims life, increases KPI performance, and scale

Ensure Flow Website: https://www.ensureflow.com/