Collaboration is the new black

Is your organisation looking to create some innovative solutions that will take you to the next level? Are you going through a period of change or simply need your team to work better together and improve workplace culture and cohesion? Improving collaboration could be the secret to your success.

Getting teams to work effectively together towards better outcomes can be an overwhelming organisational challenge. By improving collaboration amongst your team, you will see the positive ripple effects that can transform your productiveness.

Here’s some starting points:

Welcome new ideas and feedback

Create an environment where new ideas are given air time. If a member of your team has had an idea for a solution to a problem, you can bet that they have been faced with an issues time and time again or that that issue has had a significant affect to them and/or the business. Either way it’s always worth exploring issues and prioritising the effect they may have on the organisation.

Bigger picture

By getting a team together to brainstorm and workshop challenges it forces them to look at the big picture. You’ll find discussions can quickly move to challenges the organisation is facing in the marketplace, consumer trends and positioning of your products and or services.

Share the wisdom

Creating platforms for collaboration ensures that you are gathering people with different experiences, knowledge and skill sets. By creating a forum where sharing is encouraged everyone learns from each other quickly.


Giving your team the opportunity to be involved in strategic plans for the business give them confidence in the contribution to the company and allows them to more confidently make decisions and improvements in their day to day roles.


How much easier is it to engage a team around a strategy that they have contributed to rather than one that is handed down to them? The answer is well you guessed it much easier. By being able to contribute there becomes a sense of ownership. This means that when it comes time to implement it is done with a sense of ownership and enthusiasm.

Team stability

If your organisation has just shifted your engagement dial, then you’re in luck. If you have an engaged team this will directly result in overall employee retention and job satisfaction. Happier staff members who feel like they can contribute and have a voice are also more likely to continue to drive improvements and search for innovative solutions.

By simply having differing points of view, skills and experience you will reduce the risk of producing any kind of solution. This means faster and more aligned results and allows your organisation to move quickly to the next innovative solution that may transform your business.

At Liv By Design everything we do is based on collaboration. If you want to talk about some simple and easy to implement ideas for your business we’re here ready to chat! Simple contact us on 0437 201 660

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