Need your team to think more creatively? Here’s 4 things you need to do now.

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We need creativity now more than ever. Creativity helps us deal with the big A word. Ambiguity. In a rapidly changing environment knowing the right answer off the bat is near impossible. The whole idea of ambiguity is that often we are…

Tip #2 Keep it Positive with a Positive Action Statement

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Are you being too critical in your meetings? Yes, it's a time of high stress but when you criticise others ideas too early it has a detrimental effect to the free flow of ideas. I've seen it time and time again. There is absolutely the need…

How to bring your culture online

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Video 3min watch How? was the question I was asked last week after posting a video on 'bringing your culture online'. Here's a quick exercise anyone can implement to refocus on your culture as well as encouraging your team turn up to…

Tip #1 Bring your culture online

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Here's a quick vlog on one of what I consider to be one of the best tips to holding a creative online meeting.

3 tips on how to bring your culture online

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The numbers and research don’t lie, most of our meetings suck. According to research by Gallup senior executives spend two days or more a week in meetings despite the fact that 67% of meetings are considered to be "failures”. I’d dare…

Bring your culture online

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This morning may have been the first morning most of the community logged into workplace meeting from home. How did it go? Some are relishing the change. Others having their laptop set up in the bedroom and across the hall from the bathroom…

4 easy to use tools for creative online meetings

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Get creative with your online meetings. A creative team is a business asset.

Why now is the perfect time to talk customers.... Get customer centric fast!

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Now is the perfect time to start speaking to your customers and refine what and how you are offering your products or services. With people's routines in upheaval and new needs evolving everyday its more important than ever to find out what…

The rise of human to human marketing

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Welcome to the H2H era. The human to human era where the recipe for success lies in our ability to identify the needs and understand the mindsets of our customers instead of the old 'have I got a deal for you' tactics. One of the most common…

Risky business pays off

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Dignity of Risk has relevance to creating a flourishing workplace culture and developing innovation focused teams.

The bizarre truth of FAILURE!

In order to be successful you must learn from many failures. Success is never immediate it just appears to be.