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Unveiling the Collaborative Leadership Framework™: Empowering Leaders at Every Level

Drawing from her extensive experience in fostering collaboration and productivity within organisations, Olivia O’Connor has developed the Collaborative Leadership Framework™. This model is not a rigid set of rules but a dynamic guide inspired by the behaviours and strengths of highly effective business leaders and CEOs.

The Collaboration Project: Help Your Teams Design Their Way to High Achievement

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, collaboration has become the cornerstone of success in any endeavour. Whether it’s in business, education, or creative pursuits, the ability to work effectively with others can make all the difference between mediocrity and excellence. That’s why we’re excited to introduce “The Collaboration Project,” a comprehensive online course designed to […]

Becoming Fearless: How a Psychological Safety Practitioner Can Transform Your Business

In the high-stakes world of business, where every decision can make or break an organisation, one factor stands out as a game-changer: psychological safety.

Harness the Power of Work Design to Turn Your Current Job Into Your Dream Job

As a professional, you may feel that your current role is not quite what you had envisioned for yourself. You may have dreamed of something more exciting or challenging, but don’t know how to make it happen. With work design, however, you can take control of your career and turn your current role into something […]

The Co-CEO Model ‘Live Interview’

How these two leaders adapted the innovative Co-CEO model within work design to improve organisational outcomes and individual career satisfaction without the isolation, stress and overwhelm.

Transforming Workplaces through Work Design

Turn over is a problem for many organisations. What if we could end it .. NOW? What if we could make employees feel more connected and satisfied with their work but also contribute to the company’s overall profitability? Work Design could be the answer.

The key to team performance zones

Over the past few years, I’ve helped many organisations with innovation programs and employee experience programs. Thew success of these projects hinders on the ability for teams to be able to work collaboratively together. It’s no surprise that teams that work together achieve the best level of success. This is not new news. But what […]

The Lone Genius. Why some people just can’t hack working with others.

Back in pre-kid days my husband and I went on a trip to Thailand for a friends wedding. What we thought was going to be an epic trip ended up being full of turmoil, frustration and let’s say some very memorable late night events. The wedding, not being one of them. With a group of […]