I’m Olivia O’Connor (or if you’ve known me for a while, Liv). I founded Liv By Design after I saw a clear opportunity for companies to get better results by simply understanding their customers.

Here’s how….

  1. Whether its online or on the phone and we start talking to your customers.
  2. We analyse the insights and bring them into creatively structured, collaboration sessions with your team. It is here the magic happens and we awaken your team’s ability to create better solutions by enabling them to put themselves in your customers shoes.
  3. We create a plan to bring ideas into reality as simply, cheaply and as quickly as possible.
  4. I work with the team to help sustain the framework so that innovation and customer centricity becomes part of ‘the way things are done’ around here.

By using a proven innovative framework of human centred design I accelerate your organisations plans for growth by identifying simple solutions for breakthrough growth. We start designing simple solutions that have big impact for the people that matter. Your customers. 

I’ve worked with some amazing brands in my career, providing strategies for a mix of global, national and local brands. My experience spans industries including FMCG, tech startup, property development and not-for-profit.

But enough about me… Let’s chat about how you can easily harness the power of your team’s creativity.

Everyone loves a brainstorming session but by talking to customers I help organisations identify the right solution by first identifying the right problem.

Let’s chat about how we can make the vision for your organisation and your team a reality!

“Thank you for the mindful and compassionate approach that you took to understanding our customers needs who are going through so much at the moment. Thank you again, for your high standard of work.  I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Bronwyn FitzgeraldChief Customer Officer

“We had the pleasure of having Olivia facilitate an important strategy session where two organisations were meeting for the first time to explore synergies and future strategies. Olivia put together the right type of session from our brief, and held the space so well, knowing when to let us talk and when to herd us back on track. For Olivia, this work is not just about turning up and doing a great job, although she absolutely does that, but it’s all also a mission for her – its about creating a better society. A heart-based, competent consultant, what more could you ask for?”

Pip BrennanExecutive Director at Health Consumers Council

“Liv has facilitated various sessions with AB and as an organisation we always benefit from her facilitation skills and knowledge. She not only brings passion and humbleness into the room but also inspires the teams she works with and guides them to new ways of thinking. Her dedication to helping teams focus on the customer and help them unlock new ideas is hugely beneficial to any organisation including ours.”

Derek KnoxDirector

“Last Friday we had a great Design Thinking Workshop with the Kennerlys team, run by Liv, Chief Empowerment Officer from Liv By Design. Great interaction from the whole team, very worthwhile and some very prototypes that have already started, and each championed by different team members, I’m looking forward to DT having a common place in our business!”

Lejo OuwendykeDirector

“Olivia brings an authentic and empathetic approach to her design thinking workshops which allows all in the workshop to fully participate and engage. This practical approach allows for all voices to be heard in seeking solutions. Olivia is a delight to work with!”

Debbie ChildsCEO

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